Monday, January 28, 2013

Jude Law CONFIRMS "Queen Of The Desert" Is On Hold & He's Out

As for projects that may or may not be happening, Law confirmed Naomi Watts' statement that Werner Herzog's Gertrude Bell biopic "Queen of the Desert" is now on hold and he will likely be no longer be available for it when it returns. "I don’t think that’s happening. I don’t think I can do that anymore," he admitted. === Source: indiewire

Sunday, January 27, 2013

*NEW * Fan Pic of Robert Pattinson + Details of Being At Music Festival Big Day Out in Adelaide

ROBERT Pattinson looked like just another music fan as he enjoyed Adelaide's Big Day Out at the Showgrounds on Friday.

The Hollywood star, and part-time muso, has been spotted all over town this week and was among the thousands watching The Killers, Vampire Weekend and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the festival.

Wearing his trademark baseball cap, check shirt and dark jeans, the Twilight hunk happily posed for photos backstage with John Day and friends.

"He was very cool, very gracious and good humoured ... I asked him how he was enjoying Adelaide and he said he'd only been here a short time and hadn't seen much," John says.

Robert's new movie, The Rover, will be shot in various locations in SA's Flinders Ranges, but the actor admitted to not knowing much about the area.

"I asked him what he (Rob) thought of the Flinders Ranges and he wasn't sure what or where that was, so he had a bit of a laugh about that," John says.

Later in the evening, Robert kicked on to what is becoming his favourite Adelaide nightspot, the Grace Emily Hotel on Waymouth St, where he had a few drinks in the beer garden.

Earlier in the week, the actor - wearing shorts, a white shirt and a backpack - was seen riding a bike on his own through Adelaide.

Confidential understands Rob was scheduled to leave Adelaide this weekend to start shooting on The Rover, with production set to begin this week.  === Source

Saturday, January 26, 2013

*Another New Pic* Group of Fans w/Robert Pattinson At Big Day Out In Adelaide

Source : "Totally fangirled (particularly Brendan) and got a photo with R-Patz. @toucanmusic @brendaniclark @jamejen @bigdayout #adelaide #robertpattinson "

Friday, January 25, 2013

*New Pic* Fan Who Had Dinner w/Robert Pattinson(Jan.25)

Source "Casually having dinner with Robert Pattinson. :-)" ===

@RobMas82 @Bettyboo_82 "I'm touring with the big day out festival in Australia and he's here. Chilled out bloke. Think he was stoned ha!!"

**SPOTTED** Robert Pattinson Enjoying His Day Bike Riding In Adelaide


Thursday, January 24, 2013

*Update* Robert Pattinson's 'The Rover' Movie Status Now At "Filming"

Yay! Rob is now getting down and dirty in the Australian desert with his gang of thieves. Hope we get set pics at some point. But for sure a trailer will be out in a few months. ===

Source: imdb via Spunk Ransom

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

*New* Robert Pattinson Co-Star Guy Pierce From 'The Rover' Gives High Praise "Bright and Sensitive Kid. Really Right For Role"

Everyone loves singing Robert Pattinson‘s praises. The 26-year-old is in Australia shooting The Rover and luckily got a chance to talk to his awesome co-star Guy Pierce at the GREY GOOSE Blue Door lounge after party for his movie Breathe In on Jan. 19 and you’ll love what he had to say about Rob!

“He just seems like a bright and sensitive kid,” Guy tells us. “So I just think he’s really right for the role.”

We told Guy, who has starred in movies like The Kings Speech, Memento, Lawless and the upcoming Iron Man 3, that we bet Rob thinks it’s pretty cool to work with such an experienced actor.

“Um I don’t know, hopefully he thinks so!” Guy says. “I think it’s about collaborating and all getting on the same page. It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced someone is, you hopefully just all understand each other and realize you are all on the same film together.

The Rover is set in the apocalyptic future and Rob helps Guy track down his car after a gang steals it. == Source: HollywoodLife

*New* Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Fellow Transitoning Franchise Star Robert Pattinson

ESQ: You’re not the only franchise star transitioning to more artsy films. Do you feel a rivalry there? Ever see Robert Pattinson getting great roles and think, He was once the kid in the background of my scenes at Hogwarts?

DR: With Rob, I look at people and I think it’s easy to spot the ones who are in it for the right reasons, who want careers with longevity. What’s interesting about mine and Rob’s scenario is that Potter and Twilight are what made us, but Jennifer Lawrence had an Oscar nomination before Hunger Games. Mentally, we’re rooting for each other. Franchises aren’t to be avoided. They can be exciting and they give you opportunities to do other films. And it’s always pleasing to see it’s possible to come out of a franchise, have a career, and be respected, when you see these other actors. == Source: Esquire

*Fan Encounter* Robert Pattinson Charms Australian Fans

Robert Pattinson is so charming, all he needs to do is show up these days to get his fans' seal of approval.But being super-nice obviously helps!"Wasn't expecting him to be so sweet," Tara Oberti of Adelaide happily told E! News of her encounter last week with the Twilight star at the airport in the South Australian capital, where she and some pals had gathered to await Pattinson's arrival. He's in town to shoot The Rover with Guy Pearce.

"He was just, like, 'Thank you guys so much for coming and waiting for me, it means a lot,'" Oberti recalled. "Then his manager or whatever he was thanked us girls, too, and then we were walking off. I [told R.Pattz], 'Enjoy your time in Adelaide' and he thanked me again."Swoon!But the fun didn't end there: Oberti said that she and her mates also saw Pattinson later that night at a local pub—and he totally gave them a grin of recognition!
"It was a small, grungy type of pub," she described the place, "dark inside, loud and busy, but real chilled out with acoustic guitars and all that." (No photos from the pub encounter, alas, but from what we've heard Rob say about making music like a normal bloke in his garage, it sounds like his kind of bar, don't you think?)Taylah Cailes, another one of lucky ladies who shared a camera click with R.Pattz at the airport (both she and Oberti shared their spoils on Twitter), told E! News that her group was waiting near a "secret door" at the airport from which they've also seen Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Zac Efron emerge from at times.

"He was walking with his manager and one security guard," Cailes recalled. "He looked like a completely normal person. He had a guitar with him as well. I was the first to spot him walk out and I froze and was sort of speechless and pointing at him. He saw me and he had the cutest smirk on his face!"

"We asked nicely if we get a picture with him," she said. "He said he was in a rush and asked if it was okay if we got a group photo and made sure that we knew each other, and we said, 'Yes,' took our photo and then he said, 'Thank you,' to us, smiling, and got in his car."Can someone say gentleman?

Sounds like Pattinson just can't help but make devoted friends everywhere he goes. === Source: eonline

Sunday, January 20, 2013

**SPOTTED** Robert Pattinson Out w/ 'The Rover' Director & Producer In Australia

Rob out with 'The Rover' Director David Michod and Producer Liz Watts January 19-20th in Adelaide, Australia. === Via RPL Editor

**NEW Fan PIC** Robert Pattinson Being Playful w/Tongue Out In Australia


** SPOTTED** Robert Pattinson Hanging Out In Australia


Saturday, January 19, 2013

**NEW** Fan Pic Of Robert Pattinson In Australia

Source #rpats and I !! #loveatfirsight

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Forbes Names Robert Pattinson Apart Of Hollywood's Highest-Grossing Romantic Couples For 'Twilight' & 'Water For Elephant'

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, when movie lovers’ thoughts turn to romance films. Older folks might think of putting on Casablanca; Gen X’ers, Say Anything. What does it say about the millennial generation that the most popular love story of their time involves a young lady, a vampire and a werewolf?

That’s why Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson land at the top of our list of Hollywood’s Highest-Grossing Romantic Couples. We looked at the top-grossing romantic movies of the last three years. Twilight was by far the biggest box office winner over that period, earning $1.17 billion.
The fact that we get to track the couple’s off-screen romance along with their on-screen love just adds to the overall romance of the films. The couple is reportedly back together after breaking up over Stewart’s fling with the married director of her film Snow White and the Huntsman.

Pattinson is also a member of the 10th place couple on our list alongside Reese Witherspoon. Their film Water for Elephants earned $59 million in the U.S. in 2011. Those aren’t Twilight numbers, but considering that the movie brought in an extra $58 million internationally and only cost $38 million to make, it was a small hit.

To compile our list, we looked at the top-grossing romantic movies as classified by Box Office Mojo over the past three years and added up each couple’s total office. While StewPatz have an advantage because they appeared in three high-grossing movies together during our time frame, there were other actors who also did well. [ Check out the source to read the rest.] === Source: Forbes

*SPOTTED* Robert Pattinson w/Killer Smile & Guitar Arrives In Australia For 'The Rover'

Robert Pattinson flashes a smile while making his way through Melbourne Airport after flying in from Los Angeles on Thursday (January 17) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 26-year-old actor carried his guitar and caught another flight to Adalaide that day.

Source: Just Jared

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

*NEW* Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Blu-ray/DVD Drop Date & Fun Extras Included

Your Blu-ray/DVD collection will get a serious "Twilight" bite on March 2. Because in addition to the previously announced extended edition of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" (boasting EIGHT ADDITIONAL MINUTES OF FOOTAGE), Lionsgate has revealed that the home video version of the franchise's finale,

"Breaking Dawn - Part 2," will drop the same day!
All together now: FAAAAAANGTASTIC!
Available for pre-order today, the release features a slew of behind-the-scenes extras and sneak peeks (we'd expect nothing less). In addition to audio commentary from director Bill Condon, fans can look forward to a seven-part making-of documentary titled "Forever: Filming 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2,'" plus Green Day's "The Forgotten" music video, a "Two Movies at Once" featurette and a jump function that allows you to skip to your favorite Edward Cullen or Jacob Black moments. All in all, a fitting conclusion for our beloved vegetarian vamps. === Source: MTV

**New Info** Robert Pattinson Movie" The Rover" Shooting Timeframe

Based at the lovely new air conditioned Adelaide Studios are The Rover & Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures.

The Rover will also be shooting in the Flinders Ranges during February & March. I was told it has been 47o in the desert around there over the last few days as art department begin their builds. ===
Source: Adelaide Crew

**New Info** Robert Pattinson Joked Around w/Tina Fey and Met Kristen Stewart At Golden Globes Afterparty

After Sunday's Golden Globes, West Hollywood's Soho House hosted a private afterparty, where co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler celebrated being the first female duo to ever host a major awards show.

Around midnight, the party began to move from the main bar to the outside bar. There, Robert Pattinson "held court and joked around with Tina Fey," an onlooker tells PEOPLE. "He presented her with a red rose."

As Baileys cocktails flowed, Fey and Poehler traded their gowns for more casual wear and mingled with guests including Aziz Ansari, Mad Men's Jon Hamm and girlfriend Jennifer Wesfeldt,

Modern Family's Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Homeland's Damian Lewis.

While at the bash, Pattinson also chatted with Les Misérables star Eddie Redmayne, Rashida Jones and Ansari, who had something of his own to give to the Twilight star.

"Aziz tried to feed Rob some mac and cheese," the source says.

Later, Pattinson spent more time outside while waiting on Kristen Stewart's arrival. Although Pattinson was dressed in a suit, Stewart sported a more casual look, wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and backwards trucker hat.

"They hung around each other, but [they weren't] on top of each other," the source says.

As the night progressed, Stewart chatted with Sienna Miller, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Tippi Hedren in The Girl. ==== Source: People Magazine

**WATCH** Robert Pattinson Golden Globes Interview w/Prosieben

Click HERE to watch the interview.

Q:Are you going to Australia. R:Yeah, in a few days. Q:Can you tell me a little bit about it? R:It’s set 20 years in the future,in Australia. Basically,I’m an American whose brothers is in a criminal gang in Australia.Guy P’s character kinda kidnaps me to try and find my brother. Other than that it’s really complicated.But it’s cool.It’s really fun. Q:How do you prepare for a night like this?You presented at the Oscars,you present tonight,how do you prepare for it? R:You can’t. It’s impossible. I’m always so nervous. Up until I get out of the car I’m so nervous. Q:Whats going through your head. R:Now I’m alright. Q:Why(he’s nervous)? R: I have no idea. It’s weird I’m not very good… I’m not good with people. Q: about crazy Twi carpets, if it’s a different feeling standing next to Glenn Close. R: No, it’s amazing.You feel a lot of responsibility as well. ==== Transcript SOURCE

Sunday, January 13, 2013

**Watch** Robert Pattinson Presenting At The Golden Globes

Click the link >>> Watch "Robert Pattinson presenting at the Golden Globes 2013" on YouTube

**NEW** Robert Pattinson On Golden Globes Stage Presenting

Source:  (@TwilightPoison) tweeted at 8:24 PM on Sun, Jan 13, 2013: Rob! ( / and  2nd Source

**HQ Pics** Robert Pattinson At Golden Globes On Red Carpet


*NEW* Arrival Pics Of Robert Pattinson At Golden Globes

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