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**2 NEW HQ PICS** Robert Pattinson Photoshoot In L'Uomo Vogue(Nov)

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**NEW Access Hollywood Vid** Robert Pattinson"Early Twilight Days"

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**NEW ET VID** BTS Breaking Dawn Part 2 w/ Robert Pattinson

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**NEW CLIP** Breaking Dawn Part 2 "Who Will Stand Up With The Cullens?"


**NEW PIC** Robert Pattinson w/ Florence Welch at 2012 LACMA Art+Film Gala


**VID** Robert Pattinson (Edward)BD Part2 Costume At Plaza Universida Exhibit(Mex)

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**Scans & New Interview** Robert Pattinson, Kristen, Taylor, Bill C. In Melody Times(France)

***TRANSLATION*** We can not wait. At the same time, the fateful date of 14 November makes us a little scared. Normal: At that time the fifth and final film of the Twilight saga will be out in theaters. A moment of intense emotions in perspective.*** “Weird”. The word may now return often in the actors’ mouths of Twilight. Sure, it had to be weird for them to shoot all together for the last time. But for them, it is ultimately only a secondary strangeness. For them, this whole last part seems out of the ordinary. **** “This film has nothing to do with the other four previous ones,” confirms Robert Pattinson, Edward interpreter.“Vampires are really superbizarre dudes.” Kristen Stewart, meanwhile, won’t be original. When asked what she thinks of this second part which is about to land on our screens, she does not hesitate: ”Let me tell you that this movie is very special. And that’s a compliment : Breaking Dawn Part 2 is indeed bizarre.” That is to think that she and Robert have been talking and spreading the same word! Fortunately, Bill Condon, the director of this latest opus is more talkative. “I always thought that the first part was composed of two chapters. One would be romantic, the other horrific, but in the case of this last episode, I think we can describe the set of epic.”**** Taylor Lautner, the actor playing Jacob, on the other hand thinks that what fans want the most is to see how this version 2.0 of Bella option vampire will behave now. “They all want to know how she went from this clumsy girl to be hypersexy, graceful and athletic.” Bill Condon is also in the same direction: “We can not imagine how this transformation is a major event before seeing it. Her transformation from a simple high school girl to a warrior is simply mind blowing.” Compliments that will certainly go to Kristen Stewart’s heart. However, the girl seems to have had some difficulty in this experience.** Robert Pattinson: “Since she’s supposed to have changed looks, Kristen had to wear contact lenses. Like the other vampires in the film. She had to complain about 500 times more than me.” Another difficulty for the star of the film was to embody a warrior on high heels. “This grace that has naturally Bella, the actress says funnily, I did not develop it at all!”*** Among the other points of the highly anticipated movie: the performance of Renesmee, Bella’s daughter, performed by the young Mackenzie Foy. An actress whose career has only just begun (she was also seen in some TV series such as Hawaï 5.0, FlashForward and ‘Til Death), which obviously has not left herself been impressed by others. “They are all very friendly,” she merely said about them.**** Giving the role to this girl does not seem to have been very difficult for the producers of the film. “We’ve seen many contenders but once we saw Mackenzie, we quickly realized that she embodies Renesmee to perfection. On set, she was so good that Robert and Kristen quickly developed a relationship very protective of her. I often interrupted their long conversations to resume filming a scene.” In turn, ensures Kristen that she has loved shooting with her: “I’m always curious to know what happens in the minds of children attending movie stages. In addition, Mackenzie is not far from being the same age as I was when I started this job.“ Kristen Stewart making referance to Panic Room, this feature film she had shared with Jodie Foster. For Taylor Lautner, the relationship between Jacob and Renesmee was difficult to manage. Because in the novel, the werewolf is supposed to develop a very ambiguous relationship with the girl. It was therefore necessary that Lautner plunges deeply into the books and he discusses it with Stephenie Meyer to grasp the depth of this relationship, and can thus be interpreted to perfection. “On set, everyone was laughing at me because of that. I was laughing with them. But to achieve what I wanted in my acting, I had to tell myself that they shared together Renesmee and Jacob, a friendly unalterable relationship. I think fans will be very pleased with the result.” This last movie is also an opportunity for Taylor to embody a new Jacob, now stripped of his legendary rivalry with Edward. “Until now, there was only one goal in life: to be with Bella. but now, he’s finally happy!” **** Just have to wait until the film’s release. Where Kristen Stewart still promises a big surprise for the end. “The fans will be crazy!” she warns. Can’t wait for November! *** Via:Twilight vef France

***WATCH 1st VID PREMIERE*** Green Day "The Forgotten" For Breaking Dawn Part 2

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Robert Pattinson Looking HOT On Dream'Up Mag Cover Of Breaking Dawn Special Part 2

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Dream'up magazine(French), has posted the cover of Breaking Dawn Special part 2!(Rob looking hot on this new cover!!)In addition to this, a beautiful mouse pad with color film is available! And bonus number will win on Twilight vef France in the coming days!**** Via:Twilight vef France

**Old** Stills Of Robert Pattinson In Breaking Dawn Part 2 NOW In HQ

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Check out other exclusive unseen pics HERE Well I know haven't seen those pics of the other cast members.

**NEW Photoshoot** Robert Pattinson On November Cover Issue Of L'Uomo Vogue

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****Trench Lanvin; rings Lazaro; accessories Gasoline Glamour.**** Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg. Fashion editor Rushka Bergman.**** This month’s issue of L'Uomo Vogue will be on newsstands from November 5 in Milan and shortly after in the rest of the world.***** Source: Vogue

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**NEW CLIP*** Breaking Dawn Part 2 "Welcome Home, Newlyweds!"

This scene takes place toward the beginning of the film after Bella (Kristen Stewart) has started to feel more comfortable in her now-cold skin. (Just ask that mountain lion.) Alice (Ashley Greene) leads Bella and Edward (Robert Pattinson) through the woods to the most picturesque cottage and welcomes them home. “We thought you guys might like a place of your own,” Alice says with a coy smile.***** Why ever would these newlyweds need their own place? We get a pretty good idea when, after Bella and Edward tour through one charmingly decorated room after the next (inciting some serious vampire real estate envy), they stop in front of a bed. But vampires don’t sleep! “It’s not intended for sleep,” Edward says, kissing Bella’s neck. And hooo-boy, we then fade to black. ===== Source: EW

Robert Pattinson, Kristen & Taylor To Appear On MTV Bringing BD2 Clip Thursday(Nov.1)

The highly anticipated release of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" truly marks the end of an era. And since MTV News has followed the record-breaking franchise from the beginning, we're pulling out all the stops to celebrate the final chapter in Stephenie Meyer's best-selling vampire romance series.**** Get ready for an extra-special dose of "Breaking Dawn" goods Thursday, November 1, at 8 p.m. ET, when MTV News presents "MTV First: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," an exclusive sit-down with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, during which they will introduce a never-before-seen clip from the film on MTV.**** Following the on-air introduction of the exclusive clip, the "Twilight" trio will stick around for a lengthy interview on and will joined by other castmembers as well. Fans can get in on the action immediately by submitting video or text questions beginning today via or Twitter (@MTVNews, hashtag #AskTwilight).**** In the meantime, don't miss our Twi-Fight Saga: A "Twilight" Tournament, which features dozens of characters going head-to-head in a battle that lets the fans choose their all-time favorite, who will be crowned November 12. After you've cast your vote in the Twi-Fight over at, check out MTV or tonight (October 30) at 6:55 p.m. ET/PT for the world premiere of Green Day's music video "The Forgotten," the first music video from the film's soundtrack, on MTV and "The Forgotten" marks the band's first contribution to a "Twilight" soundtrack, which will drop three days before the film's release, on Tuesday, November 13.**** Last but certainly not least, MTV will present a "Twilight Takeover" on Saturday, November 10, and Sunday, November 11, hosted by MTV News' Josh Horowitz, who will treat fans to a series of exclusive MTV moments from the very first interview with the cast through his latest exclusive interviews. The moments will appear throughout the weekend around MTV's scheduled programming. === Source: MTV

**OH HELL YES MOMENT** Robert Pattinson Mug "I'd Rather Be With Robert Pattinson"

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**SCANS** Breaking Dawn Part 2 In Cine Premiere Mag (Mexico)

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MTV To Release Green Day's "The Forgotten" Vid Featuring Breaking Dawn Part 2 Footage

NEW YORK, NY (October 29, 2012) – MTV and Reprise Records Grammy® Award-winning rock band Green Day today announced the network will exclusively premiere the trio’s new music video for “The Forgotten,” the first music video from Summit Entertainment’s THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 soundtrack that features footage from the film, on Tuesday, October 30 at 6:55 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and This is the band’s first contribution to a TWILIGHT soundtrack. ===== THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 soundtrack from Summit Entertainment along with Chop Shop Records and Atlantic Records will be released three day before the film’s premiere on Tuesday, November 13. ==== Source: MTVPress

***JUST IN***Robert Pattinson NEW FACE Of Dior Men's Fragrance

Smell you, Robert Pattinson! E! News can exclusively reveal that the Twilight star has signed a mega-deal with Christian Dior.***** Pattinson will star in a series of ad campaigns for the French fashion house's line of men's fragrances.***** "Rob likes the brand," reports a source, who estimates the deal at being worth close to $12 million for three years.***** Other celebs who have endorsed Dior fragrances include Jude Law, Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman, who appeared in a controversial topless ad last year. R.Pattz is no stranger to Dior. He's hit the red carpet in several different Dior Homme looks, including a tuxedo at this year's Cannes Film Festival and jeans at the Teen Choice Awards. ==== Source: EOnline

**NEW** Robert Pattinson Interview w/ 'Notas Para Ti'

*** Rob's interview translation*** What do you like most about Edward? He’s very passionate and honest. I’d love to love like that; Bella is everything to him. I have not falenl as hard as Edward does. ****** What do you not like about him? He acts without thinking, and I’m not going to deny that I tend to do that too. I’ll miss being a vampire, because I do relate to Edward, and I know many people don’t believe it but I do like the character. ***** Who did you get along with the most during filming? With whom did you feel like you had the most chemistry? We all got along famously, nobody isolated, everybody hung out together. I don’t think anyone hates me.***** What’s your favorite Twilight movie? I love BD1, the wedding was spectacular. Seeing Kristen dressed like a bride was like being in a dream. ***Mackenzie’s interview translation**** How was your relationship with Rob, Kristen and Taylor? They’re great people, they’re playful and fun. Rob was like a dad, taking care of me on set. Taylor made me laugh a lot and we played football on set. But who I really had a good time with was with Kristen. One time we got in trouble with our director Bill because we were chatting and we didn’t realize that people were waiting for us to shoot a scene. They were all sweet but they swear a lot. **** Check out more scans of Kristen and Mac interview HERE

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**MORE NEW PICS** Robert Pattinson w/ Florence Welch At LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala

Rob with Florence Welch (florence & The Machine band)
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**2 Cool New Pics** Robert Pattinson At 2012 LACMA w/Cameron Diaz+At Urban Lights

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Cool lights, but a sexy pose up against one would have taken the pic to a whole other level. via ROBsessed

**VID** Robert Pattinson On Red Carpet At LACMA 2012 Art+Film Gala

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**VID**Mission:Blacklist Director Talks Robert Pattinson &Movie

Video starts with Jean-Stephane Sauvire mentioning Rob @18:36-22:28 and then again @24:00. *****TRANSLATION***** You worked with Robert Pattinson? How was it to work with the star? ***** It seems at the same time that Rob Pattinson … I was interested in Robert because the same, I think he has in real life, he has a great personality and that’s why he’s so famous today. That’s why everybody likes him like this because he’s so unique and I’m really interested working with this guy because… and I saw Cosmopolis for example, his last film, and I think he did a great performance, you know, he’s amazing in the film, he’s totally different as in real life, at the same time you believed his character. I mean he’s amazing and the character he has to do in my film, in ‘Mission Blacklist’, it’s a tough character, I mean it’s not at all what we can imagine from Rob Pattinson, or what we know about this guy so it’s gonna be really interesting I’m sure he’s gonna be great because he’s really intense and he has this … I know that he is a great actor inside, I’m really excited in working with him on this film and we’re gonna do the same, you know living in Iraq, doing some rehearsals and as it’s based on a true story we’re gonna work with Eric Maddox, who’s the real person on which is based the story so it’s gonna be interesting to mix work with as well Iraqi non (or known?) professional actors because the film is in Iraq, it () during the war, I want to, the same, you know, in being between fiction and documentary.***** So you go on the lines, on the borderlines? You have no problem to go borderlines? You know to do, to shoot a movie in Iraq? ***** I think to do a good movie, to do a movie you need to take risks, if you know before anything, if you calculate everything … we don’t know how to do good movies so I think it’s important to take risks, and try to find different ways of making films actually, not doing all the same, that’s maybe a punk attitude as well but not doing as everybody’s doing, same number of days of shooting, same coût?(cost in french), same kind of set, of (???). No, we have to try to change, it can be like doing a film with three people, something with like a 100 people in a coût?, whatever, I mean trying to imagine some different stuff, even different way of walking with the actors and different way of shooting the film, that’s what really interest me. That’s why I walked so long as an A.D (Assistant Director), as well as trying to (???). That’s a French film but we can, it’s not the same script so we have to find a way of doing the film differently, as any film, you know. Even on the way you shoot the film so going in Iraq for me it’s really important because it’s gonna be like so different shooting there as shooting in LA in a studio for example for the actors, I mean being there and understand how it was and meeting the Iraqis who are like unique and intense and great people and understand this culture and everything, I think it’s part of the process.***** @23:55 ***** It’s alright to know some different worlds and different countries and meeting different people, for example on this film with Pattinson, you know I spent like 5 weeks in Iraq, living in Saddam Hussein palaces and when I was there I say ‘wow’. I mean that’s why I really love making movies, you know. How could I have been sleeping in Saddam Hussein’s palace if I was not director, if I wasn’t working on this film. I would have never been maybe to Iraq and it was great to be there and to understand the Iraqis and to meet the Iraqis. ***** Source:YT via ThinkingOfRob

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**NEW PICS** Robert Pattinson Tonight At LACMA 2012 Art+Film Gala

Rob at LACMA 2012 Art+Film Gala honoring Ed Ruscha and Stanley Kubrick presented by Gucci.

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***NEW*** Breaking Dawn Part 2 MTV First *LIVE* on Nov. 1st

*****According to TVGuide there will be a MTV First 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' live show on Thursday Nov 1st and schedule shows it starts at 8:00pm.*****
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Robert Pattinson Talks w/Cinemania-Twilight Era,Mission: BlackList,Taking Risk+More

Translated via*** Pattinson’s words are probably more enticing to saddened fans of the saga, the actor wanted us to know that this isn’t really the end of the Twilight era, “I see the Harry Potter series and nobody is behaving like it’s over. Everybody looks at the cast the same way. I don’t think it affects in any way. It’ll take years for things to calm down or you need to do something more definitive after this to show the direction you want to take.” *** Sentimental value set*** Pattinson was the only one that didn't claim possessions from his character; he’s convinced that Edwards wedding ring should be found on sale on Ebay right now. The actor talked to us about other, maybe less sentimental, things that he’ll miss now that his days filming the vampire saga are over, “There’s this incredibly good place to eat shawarmas in Vancouver, it’s one of the best in the world, which is very strange because it’s in Vancouver. The worst part is I don’t even know where it is, it was always other people that bought them [laughs]. But I really liked it, and also the fried chicken you got on the hotel’s room service [laughs].”** Final notes ** Maybe Pattinson’s right, maybe this isn't the end of an era for the actors of this franchise, but they all have to prove whether they’re in Hollywood to stay, if within a few years these titles will just be one more in their filmography, or whether the adventures of Bella, Edward and Jacob will define their careers forever. Only time has the answer. *** Rob's Interview Q&A** ROBERT PATTINSON: BITTEN BY FAME** The actor attended our interview at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles dressed in casual jeans and a short sleeved shirt over a t-shirt. His hat, covering his almost-orange hair, and the electronic cigarette he smokes between answers catch attention. He’s tired; this is his thousand interview in a long day of talks with journalists, after a promotional weekend talking about his role in the final movie of the Twilight saga. It’s to be admired that Rob puts all of those factors aside, smiles while he chats with me and always tries to give a sincere, smart and unique answer. Talk to us about Edward in this film. A lot has happened since you began playing him.** I’ve had to deal during the whole series with fundamental means, and at this point, I think Stephenie [Meyer] had already gotten over that aspect of his personality. The moment Bella turns into a vampire, they’re both fine. She’s the best vampire-human turn that has ever happened, so he has nothing to worry about, and nothing happens to the little girl they have together, she’s a great daughter. I think one of the differences in this movie is that he’s more excited over things. He has something that motivates him, and that’s always interesting to play. Finally, he doesn’t have to worry about anything, he knows he has to protect his daughter, but he doesn’t doubt how to do it for a second. It was very attractive to play him as a secure person, a complete change.** Are you going to miss the character or are you glad to leave him behind? I don’t know. If Stephenie had written another book after Breaking Dawn in which something crazy happened, I would like to play him. But you don’t long for something unless it exists [laughter and a mischievous look]. I never even imagined that the fourth book would be divided into two parts, because when I signed to make these films, they hadn’t divided the last two parts of Harry Potter. Nobody knew that the new tendency of making a series was dividing the last book into two parts [laughs].** I think shooting the last two films wasn’t easy…** Filming them at the same time was tough, and, when we filmed this one, there were different direction units because there’s a lot of action sequences. We were filming things that none of us really knew how they’d end up fitting in the finished version. In the first version of the film, there’s a scene of the final fight, that’s supposed to be a secret, but everybody knows and it’ll last around 45 minutes. A really, really long fight scene. It took us two and a half months to shoot it in the studio with a green screen, fake snow and a lot of filming hours a day. We spent so much time surrounded by green that when we left the studio it all still looked green. It was crazy.** How has this saga changed you?** It’s interesting. A lot of people go nuts when they get to do a film with these characteristics. Especially in those moments where you completely lose your social life and end up with a new one. I was lucky to have had the same friends for ten years before all of this happened, and I had no interest in meeting new people [laughs]. So not a lot changed, really. You also need to try to not see people in a different way, and sometimes it’s very easy because you spend a few years in which the whole world asks you the same things over and over again. Not only journalists, people in general, people in your daily life, and even strangers, they all ask the same thing and it’s weird. Besides, you know that after they’ll be telling something about you and that’s an even weirder feeling. So you need to concentrate on reality again and again [laughs]. Do you see yourself doing a franchise again soon? Or do you prefer stand alone films?** If it’s a good franchise there’s no problem. Every film that’s being done now ends up being a franchise [laughs], but I have to tell you that there’s something beautiful in distributing a film with a big studio behind it; there’s a certain guarantee that people will see it. You’re going to have a good team of people working. In that sense, I like the way studio’s systems work. ** We’ve seen Kristen Stewart reach certain prime professionally, precisely because of this system. Have you become braver and have you been taking more risks by her side?** A lot more. I remember when they sent me the script for ‘Cosmopolis’, we were about to start filming ‘Breaking Dawn’ and I asked everyone whether I should accept it. I knew I liked it, but strangely I didn’t know what to do. I asked Kristen to read the script and she told me: “What the hell are you talking about? You have to do this! It’s Cronenberg!” [laughs]. That influenced my decisions, of course. Kristen is living proof that you can be successful only doing things that she finds specifically interesting. She never makes decisions thinking about her career and it’s something that works more and more as time passes. It’s good that this method works for someone.** Did the Cosmopolis experience change you?** Just getting that part changes you a lot, and not having to force anything to play it. I can’t believe that I haven’t done a film since then. It’s ridiculous. It’s making me a bit crazy.** How long have you not been working?** Practically a year, but in that time I’ve had to promote like four films [laughs hysterically], which is also ridiculous. I feel like that’s my whole job because it’s all I do. Before, I thought having a Twilight movie after every project would make me be less afraid. But, as soon as this is over, you realize that it’s not easy to make decisions. I think, in part, it has to do with the fact that I’m getting older. Now I can do different things, I start to fit into different roles and, of course, I can’t play a high school student [laugs]. So it hasn’t been an intentional pause…** There was a while where I couldn’t find anything at all. And, suddenly, a few months ago, I found a bunch of things, all at once. But none of those projects started until the fall. Fall, spring and summer are full, four movies at once, but it’s taken me a long time to be able to organize it. I really want to start working again.** Mission: Blacklist, which is about the US soldier whose interrogations led to finding Saddam Hussein, is actually your next project…*** I think so. The director’s in Iraq, staying in the same palace where the guy we’re making the movie about stayed. He’s sending me pictures. It’s crazy. We’d like to film in Iraq, but it’s going to be very difficult because of safety. I wonder if Afghanistan would make a good Iraq double [laughs].** Is writing something that attracts your attention? What kind of books would you like to be the author of? Surely something like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ [laughs hysterically]. I would really like to do that and invert the roles: making the woman the one who punishes the man. It’d be so much fun. Something like ‘Misery’, but really he loves to be in that situation.*** You’ve been chased by the shadow of fame for years. Do you do anything to avoid all public attention? ** Nothing works. Sometimes you try the typical things like a hat and sunglasses. It ends up being a thing of where you go to, it has to be places where people wouldn’t expect to find you. Sometimes that works, but not always. Once I went to an Indian reservation in New Mexico, there was a little town in the middle of nowhere with 200 or 300 habitants, I got out of the car and literally five minutes later someone was approaching me and saying: “Robert?”. I couldn’t believe it. But normally the only annoying thing is paparazzi or anyone who follows you. It’s irritating. When people really like you, that’s great. You don’t get tired of that. I’d say 90 percent of people that approach me are a bit intimidated. They tell me things like: “My three year old cousin is a really big fan.” They’re never the fans [laughs]. ** --- Our talk ends with this new showing of humbleness from the actor. A lot of things have changed in his life since he put on the pale make-up of Edward Cullen for the first time, but it looks like fame hasn’t gotten to his head.** Check out the rest of the scans HERE

Robert Pattinson(Edward) Melts You w/ His Kisses In Breaking Dawn Part 2 TV Spot

Rob...I mean Edward kisses just melts you. *Fans self* Kristen lucky ass!! Hahaa === Source: Moviephone

**AWESOME NEW SCENES*** Breaking Dawn Part 2 TV Spot

Source:gooentertain Source

Robert Pattinson Shares w/GQ Mag His Fav James Bond Moment From The Last 50 Years

Skyfall is already being lauded as one of the finest best Bonds in years, Daniel Craig's latest outing marks 50 years of Bond on film - and 007's 23rd cinematic outing. To mark the release of Sam Mendes' latest addition to the Bond canon, asked famous faces from Robert Pattinson to Simon Pegg for their favourite Bond moment from the last 50 years.

Robert Pattinson ***** “When his wife dies in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I think it’s the best film. No one ever gives George Lazenby any credit – I thought he was great. It’s kind of cool that he only did one. No one acknowledges that he is the coolest Bond.”***** Read the rest of Rob's interview HERE
***** Love this manip of Rob as James Bond I found way back.

*VID* Robert Pattinson&Kristen Stewart Leaving Prince Concert At Sayers Club (LA)

Rob and Kristen from late last night.

WOAH!!! Source

**VID** Robert Pattinson Talks w/The Hype(Yahoo7) BD Part 2 +More

Rob talks Breaking Dawn Part 2, Twilight Success, Method acting, and Twilight tattoos. Thanks to @Drawde_C over at RPLife

***VID** Robert Pattinson Wishing "Total Film" Happy 200TH Issue+ Autograph Pic

Rob part starts @0:52 Source: TotalFilm

**JUST SPOTTED**Robert Pattinson&Kristen Stewart Leaving Prince Concert In LA+Fan Account

Source Source
*****Just added pics!!*****
Via robpattzandkrisstew
*****Another Fan account just added!! ***** "For those wondering if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together, I can tell you, after seeing it with my own eyes, they most definitely are! **** RPatz and Kstew were being VERY lovey dovey and affectionate towards each other during Prince’s set. With Prince having the Sayers Club confiscate cellphones and camera’s before anyone gained entry, it afforded the couple to be with each other without being photographed being sweet on each other once again. **** The Twilight stars stayed for Prince’s entire set. You would figure they would bail early to escape the madness waiting for them outside but they didn’t. After his set, they walked out with Kristen clutching on to Robert’s Hand while they exited the back way. *** Other celebrities in attendance for the Prince show at The Sayers Club were Jenny McCarthy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Jeremy Piven." ==== Source