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*NEW* Robert Pattinson &David Interview w/ FilmStarts

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*NEW* Robert Pattinson Interview w/ MoviePilot (Berlin)

Rob starts @0:54 Source:RPLife via @melcitron

Twilight's (Tanya) MyAnna :Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Fame Not So Cool

Twilight's MyAnna Buring has said watching co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart deal with the spotlight has made her realise fame isn't always what it's cracked up to be.
The 27-year-old Swedish actress - who plays vampire Tanya in Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 - is impressed with the way the actors, who are a real life couple, deal with the attention, but is pleased she doesn't get as much. ==== MyAnna said: "I've only had lovely experiences with fans but I think it must be crazy for the main group. === "They handle it with amazing grace, but if people actually experienced it I think they would think again about how cool it is, because it can be really tough." The Kill List actress revealed working on the final instalment of the hit vampire franchise had been really exciting. She said: "It's going to be big. Filming the final scenes was so epic. All the original characters and all the new vampires were there, it was just huge. === "One hundred actors on one set creates quite a special atmosphere, and you got a sense of what you were part of." ==== : Myanna stars in new TV show Blackout, which begins on BBC One on Monday, July 2 Source:

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2 NEW Cute Pics of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart At The OTR Afterparty (Cannes)

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*NEW* Berlin Robert Pattinson Interview: Inspiration For Eric?

Rob talks about getting inspiration from the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer for Eric’s character. Source:RPLife

BD Part2 New VampTracey Heggens on Robert Pattinson&Kristen:They’re So Down to Earth

Tracey Heggins plays Senna, the oldest vampire from the Amazon coven that fights with the Cullens against the Volturi, in the upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2. The movie, which hits theaters this fall, is the final installment of the Twilight franchise. == Celebuzz: What was it like being cast in such a huge franchise like Twilight? TH: It’s so funny, because I always say I’m just this little fish in this big, happy pond. Everyone from Rob, Kristen, to Stephenie Meyer– they were all so kind. === CB: Tell us about your role in the movie. TH: I play the role of Senna, the oldest vampire. I come from the frame of reference where Zafrina, my vampire sister, has hooked me up again in some kind of situation and I’m here now. And all of the sudden, I want to help and defend these people [Cullens]. I’m very excited, because Senna loves to fight. She loves to kick butt and take names. I don’t want to give too much away, but Senna is ready to go.===== CB: What was it like working with stars like Robert and Kristen? TH: It was good because they were both really down to earth. It’s very scary to go off on a set with huge names. I mean, when you are number one on IMDB, it’s a little intimidating. But they were just cool, and Kristen was like a tomboy and was so down to earth. Rob was the same way. He actually has this almost self-deprecating, ‘Oh, did I just say that?’ And I understand why he did that because it made everyone else feel so comfortable. So thank you, Robert! Source: Celebuzz

*NEW* BRISANT PROMINENT (GERMANY) Interview w/ Robert Pattinson & David

Translation of partial transcript via Google translation: Robert Pattinson seems to have grown up: The teen star ventured an image shift to more demanding roles. And he said at the premiere of his film “Cosmopolis”, acting has nothing to do with the brain.===== Robert Pattinson’s days as a vampire are numbered. In November, comes the last part of the “Twilight” saga in theaters that have made the 26-year-old British box office worldwide. Now, Pattinson will also score artistically – and is well on its way. His drama “Cosmopolis” by David Cronenberg ran this year in competition at the Cannes Festival. Pattinson plays in the film adaptation of a novel by Don DeLillo, a multibillion dollar financial shark who gets on an odyssey through Manhattan to the professional and personal abyss. “I think it’s the best thing I’ve done so far. Before, I’ve never felt comfortable here, to consider myself on the screen,” Pattinson says of his role in the movie “Cosmopolis”. No More Self Doubts Pattinson has previously kept away because of self-doubt ambitious roles. “I have now signed up for many projects that I would have thought last year that I’m not good enough as an actor,” the “Twilight” actor in Berlin. “If you will be invited to Cannes as an actor, do you see yourself in a different light,” said the 26-year-old Briton.==== Pattinson is Dropping Bombshells After nude scenes in his historical drama “Bel Ami” Pattinson had in “Cosmopolis” for director David Cronenberg drop the cases. “I’m always very inhibited, because I’m English,” confessed the actor. “In all other sex scenes always feel so comfortable in her skin. I’m the one that falls into a panic.” Trust it to the director, it would be easier.=== “If you shoot a movie you really do not like, you feel yourself just a little like a prostitute.”==== “Acting has nothing to do with the brain” In the film adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel “Cosmopolis,” Pattinson plays a financial shark who is personally and professionally before the crash. “I think the only way to be a good actor is to really make things difficult,” says Pattinson. Intellect is a hindrance in his job here. “Acting has nothing to do with the brain, they are there for thousands of years,” said Pattinson .. “Actors need a voice and a face – and maybe eggs,” said the Briton, who lives in Hollywood. So we can look forward to his new film, which in this country on 5 July starts. Source: rpattzrobertpattinson and mdr

*NEW* Berlin Cosmopolis Robert Pattinson Interview w/ West Art Magazine (Dubbed)

Watch it HERE.

Thanks to Pattinsonladies You can hear mostly everything Rob says starting @1:53.

‘Hate Mail’ Spoiler: Find Out Which Character Rob Pattinson Could Play in New Film

We’ve read the ‘Hate Mail’ script and it’s definitely going to be an interesting movie! Here’s a breakdown of the characters, two of whom are played by Robert Pattinson and Scarlett Johansson. ===== Robert Pattinson hasn’t slowed down since the Twilight franchise, and now he’s reportedly signed on to a new movie with Scarlett Johansson called Hate Mail. got an exclusive look at the script and although we don’t want to give too much away we have a few spoilers for you! ====== The movie is similar to that of Love Actually and Valentine’s Day in the multiple characters and storylines throughout the film that (in a way) come together at the end. However, a romantic comedy this is not. The film focuses on how different characters react to hate mail and it definitely has its dramatic moments. Here is a brief breakdown of the main characters. Our best guess after reading the script is that Rob will play Josh and Scarlett will play his girlfriend Kate, but there’s also a chance he could be Joel. ==== Kate (late 20s) and Josh (late 20s): Kate and Josh are two good-looking actors in a serious relationship. They are starring in a Broadway show together, and Josh is a little insecure about it because he’s known more for being a movie star than a theater actor. He also finds himself wrapped up in a tabloid scandal, shortly after Kate’s own scandal finishes making headlines.==== Joel (early 30s) & Peggy (mid 20s): Joel is a handsome but awkward guy who has a crush on his co-worker Peggy and tries to work up the nerve to ask her out. He seems uncomfortable in social situations, but has a good heart. ==== Kevin (early 30s) & Patti (30s): Kevin is a war veteran who plays in a garage band. He is still haunted by his past. He currently works as a garbageman and is married to Patti. They have a son named Patrick, 13.==== Jay (40s): Jay is a sports radio show host who acts angry and loud in public but is going through a difficult and lonely time in his life. He has a secret that is unveiled as the movie progresses.===== Ben (14) and Sara (30s): Sara is a single mom raising Ben, a teenager who seems shy at school but works out his aggression online. He has some scary violent tendencies brewing under the surface.==== Shivani (late 40s) and Peter (40s): Shivani is a successful surgeon who starts becoming unraveled by anonymous hate mail sent to her. Peter is her boyfriend, who has a peripheral part in the movie. ==== Source : HollywoodLife

*NEW* Robert Patinson Cosmopolis Photoshoot * Killer Stare*

Why does this man torture us so??? The Sex Gods approve tho.Hahaa

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NEW/OLD Pics of Robert Pattinson In London For BDAY 5/13/12

Also check out pic of Sam, Marcus, Tom, Sienna, Charlize and her fan report (in Italian) HERE. SOURCE:

More *NEW* HQ Pics + Vids of Rob Out (6/23/12) For Katy Perry's 'Part Of Me' Premiere

Check out the original POST with video of Rob arriving/leaving and pics. Source: PattinsonLife

*NEW* Video: Robert Pattinson & David Cronenberg From The Berlin Premiere

Dubbed but still can hear Rob talk about how great the fans are for coming to the premiere in the miserable weather and how he hopes people like "Cosmopolis". Source: @Gossipgyal

*NEW* Pics + VIDS Of Robert Pattinson At Katy Perry's Part Of Me Premiere AfterParty (6/26/12)

@Astridbryan At Katy Perry's party! Love the Chateau Marmont ;) xoxo LA 27 Jun 12 ==== @Astridbryan It's official! I so team Edward! 27 Jun 12 ===== @BellaElise67 27 Jun 12 RT“@Caro_PattStew: RT @Astridbryan spotted Robert Pattinson at Katy Perry's party in the Chateau Marmont LA. quote: "he is so beautiful"” ===== @Astridbryan @BellaElise67 @Caro_PattStew je really is! and so nice :):):) 27 Jun 12 ==== @Eline83MRFE 27 Jun 12 How I wish I lived in LA right now @Astridbryan is so lucky. And yes Robert Pattinson is beautiful, tell us something we don't know. ==== @Astridbryan @Eline83MRFE Robert Pattinson has a great style, he is a gentleman and is extremely beautiful!!!!!!!! And he has a great voice! 27 Jun 12 ===== @SarahMOnline Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson just jumped in Justins van. Great seeing all of them together! 27 Jun 12 ==== @samikay317 Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Adele, and Robert Pattinson all right in front of us though and no one else is here this is great 27 Jun 12 Tweets via @sparklybitchface Pic: Source / via / via TMZ The dark haired girl trying to get on the van with Rob is long time friend Shannon Woodward. She's been Katy Perry's close friend for awhile and ex gf of Rob's bestie Andrew Garfield.
Source:sarahmonline Katy Perry at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Perry appeared out of a giant popcorn box wearing an aptly themed top with candy bar hot pants, greeting fans and fired up to sing some of her greatest hits including“Part of Me,” “Firework,” “California Gurls,” “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” “I Kissed a Girl,” and “Wide Awake.” Source:SocialiteLife /

Firenze Interview + Scans From Cannes w/ Robert Pattinson & David Cronenberg (Translation)

The author of this interview Giovanni Bogani is the same guy from the up close sexy Cannes Rob video. The scans have GQ Rob on them. How can you get any better. Sexy AF!!

Translation At Cannes, when we meet him, Robert Pattinson who is serene, sipping a Schweppes, eating a sandwich. And he listens to David Cronenberg as if he was a holy man, a father, a guru. Cronenberg is the director of his latest film, Cosmopolis. A contemporary nightmare, in which Pattinson plays a financial wizard, one of those who earn millions of dollars with one click. He crosses, uncaring, a Manhattan in flames, with the signs of a world - ours - that collapses, closed in the unbreakable casing of his limousine. After all, is a perfect Limousine also its reputation. His success , overwhelming, came after New Moon, shot also in Tuscany, from the Twilight Saga. Pattinson became immediately the "wet dream" of millions of little girls. And now, the twenty-six year old guy, must work hard to prove that he is a real actor, not a vampire that has sucked the success from one film. "Twilight was a hiccup for him," says David Cronenberg, the encounter with the press, on the terrace of a hotel in Cannes. "Robert is an amazing actor, who before that film had already did challenging movies. He became popular against his will." Twilight was also the film that made Pattinson explore Tuscany. The most beautiful Tuscany, Montepulciano and the Val d'Orcia. And in Montepulciano, in fact, that in 2009 Pattinson did New Moon, the second film in the Twilight saga. To tell the truth, those scenes in the novel took place in Volterra, not too many miles away. But the production found in Montepulciano a most impressive set - a town that had been set of the international film Dream of a midsummer night with Kevin Kline, and some scenes of Andrej Tarkovsky Nostalgia and The English Patient by Anthony Minghella. And in Montepulciano flashed the first real kiss, outside the set, between Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Bella (Beautiful her name means and beautiful she is too )in the movie. A love story that still continues. At Cannes Pattinson skated over the subject, Kristen Stewart is there, with another film, On the Road by Walter Salles. And he says diplomatically: "Yes, I saw the film, it is curious because inside there are a lot of people I know ..." His popularity gives him security? And having played the role in Cosmopolis? Rob: Not at all! Before shooting a movie, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. And then, I'm an insecure perennial. For days, I stayed at the hotel asking myself how I should play the character, fearing the most complete failure, until David came to visit me, the weekend before the first take. And what did Cronenberg say to you? Rob: He simply said : don't worry. He said: do not think about anything, just pronounce the words you have learned, and everything will be fine. And basically, he was right. How much you feel the responsibility of a role before you start filming? Rob: Very much, I really love the words that I have to say , I feel the rhythm of the character. Sometimes as actors, we think we are both good actors and 'improve' a screenplay. Well, I think that's the moment when we're stupid. There's just nothing to improve, in a screenplay. Cosmopolis discusses finance. Is it a world that you know, finance, courageous investments ? Rob: No, for me finance makes no sense! "He laughs. "I never understood anything, and I'll never understand anything about it. How hard is it to live if you are Robert Pattinson? Rob: I know I'm privileged, but I also know that there are problems even for someone like me. For example, to combine work and private life is very difficult. I couldn't easily go out and have fun without creating problems for me and others. But I do not mind this, I was never a social person, in any case. And then, all this mythology, I know it's fake, almost everyone who think I am a Myth will be bored after two hours with me !. Cronemberg , instead, is not bored to stay with him. Between the two there was quite a " love at first sight". David seems to have found the ideal interpreter, Robert, and for him, David is a sort of spirit guide who will accompany him out of the stagnant sea of easy teenager glory. And together, they will make another movie: "Yes, we will turn another movie together, although I do not know when we will start shooting," says Robert. And at the end of the meeting, we ask the obvious, we ask to say hello to his fans. Since you shot a movie in Tuscany and you had lived in Tuscany, could say hello to our magazine? Rob: Yes sure , Ciao Firenze (Hi, Florence)! - Says, laughing. To tell the truth he says "ciau Firèunzi", but the effect is irresistible. Source: RobertPattinsonMoms

*New Pics*Robert Pattinson in 'Cosmopolis'+ Visual Effects Details Inside Limo/Hand Shot

What is your background? I started in design and compositing and then moved into directing mainly for commercials and music videos before winding up a senior compositor and visual effects supervisor here at Mr. X. Mr. X have collaborated on many David Cronenberg movies. How was this new collaboration? Fantastic, as always. David, as well as being an amazing director, auteur and agent provocateur, is incredibly open and approachable on the visual effects front. He knows exactly what he wants, which in itself makes our lives so much easier, but is also very collaborative as to how we get there.

What was his approach about the VFX? Because we had an established relationship he trusted us completely as to how to execute the effects. He had very specific ideas about the monitor designs and which driving backgrounds went where but left most of the technicalities to us.==== What have you done on this movie? We executed 385 vfx shots on COSMOPOLIS. The vast majority were driving composites where plates were shot inside the limousine with greenscreen outside the windows and we composited in matched perspective plates of Toronto standing in for New York City. In addition to that we also created content of both a graphic and live action nature for the various monitors inside the limo and some gunshot and knife wounds. === The movie features a huge amount of driving composites. Have you developed a specific methodology for these shots? Yes and no. We did have a methodology for the driving composites however it was not developed specifically for this movie but adapted from the wealth of experience we have accumulated compositing these types of shots in the past. ==== How were filmed and organized all these backgrounds? For each sequence inside the limo, background plates were shot on camera car driving through different locations in Toronto matching the angles from the performance footage. Because of the many different angles we could not match each of them exactly so we shot angles that could be manipulated into working for more than one performance angle and digitally adjusted them to work for each specific shot. All the background plates were then organized in our pipeline database with their respective performance sequences. == Have created some previz for the driving composites? No there was no previzualization required for COSMOPOLIS. Sometimes Eric Packer occults the windows limo. Was there an on-set effect or is it your work? It was a combination of both, actually. Initially that was to be a practical effect but David wanted to have options as to when the windows became fully opaque and when they returned to tinted transparency. To this end he shot the parts of the sequences where he was certain they would be opaque practically but left numerous shots on the front and back end of those shots as greenscreen. This allowed him much more control as to the timing of when the windows fell into darkness and for how long and gave us references as to what they would look like fully darkened.=== What references and indications did you received for the limo screens? The production design team pulled many different references of stock market screens but also other data mining graphical interfaces and elements that seemed technically cool and relevant. They also created a number of preliminary designs according to David’s vision of what Eric’s high tech monitoring system might look like.===
Can you tell us about the design of the various screens inside the limo? The character of Eric sees much more than just price and volume variations. He has a unique ability to look at the many different patterns that the volatility of the stock, commodity futures and money markets generate, analyze them and predict where they will end up in the near future. Keeping that in mind we started with the production design references and adapted them, adding our own design elements and animations to create more visually interesting screens than might normally be seen on a trader’s monitor. === Click HERE to read the rest.
Source: TheArtOfVFX