Thursday, September 20, 2012

Robert Pattinson 'Cosmopolis' Co-Star Saad Siddiqui Calls Him Very Talented,Very Kind & Caring

A wanderer and an immigrant — that’s how Pakistani-Canadian actor Saad Siddiqui described himself in a recent interview with The Express Tribune. Siddiqui is part of Canadian director Ruba Nadda’s latest film Inescapable, which stars Oscar-winning actor Marisa Tomei, Syrian-British actor Alexander Siddig, and Oded Fehr from the Mummy series.== On working with Hollywood directors like David Cronenberg, who directed him in the Robert Pattinson-led Cosmopolis, he says, “The last three Hollywood directors I have worked with are all wonderful and great. I really enjoyed working with David Cronenberg and Ruba Nadda as I have watched their films over the years. I would love to work again with Ruba and David."=== He also enjoyed working with Pattinson, calling him a “very talented actor and a very kind and caring human being”, before recalling how welcoming he was when they first met on set and how enjoyable the experience was.== Read more at source: Tribune