Thursday, February 21, 2013

*OLD/NEW EXCLUSIVE VID & INFO* Robert Pattinson Jams On Guitar w/Special Guests

Rob Pattinson might want to consider a career in music because in this rare, random and totally awesome video he looks perfectly at home strumming his guitar and making beautiful music with a mysterious new muse.
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On the night this video was recorded, Adam Shankman (Film Director & Judge on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 3) sent out this tweet, sending the Twihards and RPatz fans into a frenzy. As Hollywood Life covered in this story, the tweet was extra interesting because the jam session took place on the same night reps for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart said they were reconciling together. === A flurry of questions followed on the Internet. Celebrity news and fan sites wrote: Who is this mystery girl? Why was Rob in a hotel room partying rather than with Kristin Stewart? Wasn’t this the same night reps for the couple claimed they were “reconciling” together? Is Rob really considering a new career in music? Where did Dermot Mulroney come from, and who knew he could play the cello? === This newly unearthed video gives some insight into what actually happened on the night in question. Here’s what we do know: The “mystery” girl is a musician named Andrea Meli. == Andrea Meli is the lead singer of Royal Rock band ME&U == Andrea is hard to track down online but we found her band’s Facebook page == This video was recorded during a small private gathering.== There is no evidence Rob and Andrea had any sort of romantic relationship in this video, but you can see they have a playful musical connection. == Here is a photo of Andrea, courtesy of the ME&U Facebook fan page == We reached out to Andrea for comment and a rep replied stating that “Andrea is focused on her music right now.” === So, I guess we will leave this one to the die hard Rob Pattinson fans to figure out. For HAHAJK this was just a cool little treat to brighten up our week and add to our RPatz and Kstew conspiracy theories around the office. === Source: hahajk and thanks to @hugURob