Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Check Out The Cover For'Twilight' FanFic Turned Novel 'Beautiful Bastard'(TheOffice)

Ladies (and gents — no shame!), get ready to meet your next kinky businessman obsession: Mr. Bennett Ryan. Beautiful Bastard (or, as I like to call it, the Twilight fanfiction formerly known as The Office) won’t be released until February, but we’ve got an exclusive first look at the tantalizing cover to whet your appetites. ***** As we reported earlier this month, Beautiful Bastard is the latest Twilight imitator to score a book deal. The fanfiction, which centers on “whip-smart”intern Chloe Mills and her love/hate relationship with her exacting boss Bennett Ryan, first appeared online in 2009, but was quickly taken down by author Christina Hobbs after the attention proved to be overwhelming. In 2010, she began pursuing projects with her fellow fanfic writer Lauren Billings and the two revised The Office together under the pen name Christina Lauren, eventually landing a deal for two books — Beautiful Bastard and its sequel Beautiful Stranger. Think Fifty Shades of Grey, but classier (or so I’m told). So without further ado, check out the cover of the first book below:

Click to enlarge image!!! Buy your copy HERE and Source ==== I loved this fanfic as so many of y'all did too. It was super duper hawt!!! Lemons galore. I hope they get a chance to turn it into a movie as well.Twilight does live on y'all but in bits and pieces from these fanfics. Lets continue to be proud fans and huge CONGRATS to our fellow Twihard Christina. And if I remember correctly this Edward aka Bennett(Beautiful Bastard) spoke french and tore panties at times to seduce Bella(Chloe).It all started off on the office boardroom table. Mmmm....Officeward!!