Wednesday, December 12, 2012

**NEW** Robert Pattinson Believes In Forever Love

We didn't think Robert Pattinson was the kind to bare all in interviews, but the Twilight star gave a remarkably honest insight into his emotions earlier this week, when he opened up about love.

When asked by a reporter if he believes in forever love, Rob revealed he most certainly does, citing his parents as the perfect example of a happy marriage and relationship. **** 'Definitely, yes. It sounds cheesy, but I see it with my parents. My dad met my mom when she was 17 and they’re still happily together… Most of the kids at my school had parents going through divorces. So it was great seeing my parents sticking together.' **** The Twilight actor, who earlier this year forgave girlfriend Kristen Stewart after an affair with movie director Rupert Sanders, continued: '[In life] I believe in keeping your family and friends close, because they’ll treat you the same no matter what. 'Real relationships are not affected by whatever happens in life. Knowing that you’ll always keep something special no matter what happens is something that has made an impact in my life. That’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve received in life'. **** Rob and Kristen's relationship was rocked earlier this year, when pictures of Kristen kissing her Snow White director emerged. **** While Robert Pattinson went to ground, appearing to move his belongings out of their LA home, Kristen issued a distraught public apology to the star. **** Fast forward a few months and all seems to be back on track for the Twilight couple. Could Rob's stance on love be why? === Source: MarieClaireUK