Thursday, December 13, 2012

" Hold On To Me" Director James Marsh Talks Robert Pattinson Being Great Asset+More

So if Marsh has turned this mini-series even without official title next summer, which is HOLD ON TO ME, her project with Robert Pattinson and Carey Mulligan? **** "This advance," reassures Marsh. "I think turning in early 2013 if funding is secured." Often compared to ALL READY TO Gus Van Sant because of its pitch (a beauty queen kidnapped and buried alive a man for money), Marsh tells us that he finds suitable comparison, although: "BOOGIE NIGHTS will also be a model in terms of tone. This is one of my favorite movies, because it goes to the dark humor in a second. HOLD ON TO ME is a dark comedy. Documentaries had my humor - at least I hope - as my fictions were heavier. There will be more exuberant." ****
An album that could change Marsh's career, due to the presence in the cast of Robert Pattinson: "Robert is interesting: he knows where he wants to go and he wants to work on projects that help to make as COSMOPOLIS . He uses his fame and power to help people like me to make interesting films. It has a lot of potential. When we met, I loved his attitude towards cinema. He loved the script and told me so very intelligent. It will be a great asset to HOLD ON TO ME and I hope with him to suddenly casting this rameutera full of teenage girls in the rooms to corrupt! ***(Laughter.) *** Finally, Marsh has revealed the actor he wanted to complete the cast: "I would hire an actor in the series GIRLS, Adam Driver. It is a great actor, yet little known. This will form a great triangle with Robert and Carey. "A great actor indeed already seen in J. EDGAR, and soon to be in Steven Spielberg's LINCOLN, Inside Llewyn Davis of Coen, THE F WORD with Daniel Radcliffe or FRANCES HA Noah Baumbach.===== Source and translation through Google