Friday, March 22, 2013

Martin Katz "MapsToTheStars"ProducerCalls It "AbsurdistComedy"+Huge Cosmoplis Publicity

RS: Fast forward 20 years and now you are making huge movies. After Spider there were a few and then A Dangerous Method and Cosmopolis with Robert Pattinson and this huge recent scandal [with Kristen Stewart]. === MK: I don’t know if it is a scandal. I think it was great for us and the movie that Rob was interested in making that type of move at this time. I think he is great in the movie and he will bring a new type of audience to David’s world. His relationship with Kristen is private, but the intense focus on it is bizarre. It’s a funny world. It brought us a lot of publicity for our US launch. We could not in a million years have bought that much publicity. I’m sorry it came at the expense of his personal life, but he’s a celebrity. ==== RS:What’s next for the ever evolving Martin Katz? === MK: I have two things that I am excited about. I am working on my fourth collaboration with David Cronenberg called Maps To The Stars. It is an absurdist comedy about the entertainment business. We hope to be able to work with many of the people we have worked with before including Rob Pattinson. === Source