Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Writer Brad Ingelsby Talks How Robert Pattinson "Hold On To Me" Project Evolved

Scott:  You’ve got several other projects in the mix, one of them another Black List script, “Hold on to Me.” That’s based on an article written by Hillel Levine and Jimmy Keene. “A ruthless and money‑hungry woman uses a hapless man as a pawn in her criminal schemes.” Could you give some background on how that project evolved?

Brad:  Yeah, sure. That was an article, as you said, that Jimmy and Hillel had written. It was supposed to be published in Playboy magazine though I don’t think it ever was. Alexander Milchan, a producer, gave me the overview of the article that was to be written at that time. It’s a true story. An almost unbelievable true story about a murder committed in Illinois in 1986 by this woman Nancy Rish and her boyfriend, Danny Edwards. We’ve fictionalized the story quite a bit, but in real life Nancy was this blonde beauty and former pageant queen who had aspirations of leaving her small-town life in Kankakee, Illinois. In an effort to escape the doldrums of small-town life she starts dating this guy, Danny, who is beneath her usual standards. But he’s a guy she can shape and mold and so she does. She introduces Danny to drugs, then gets him to deal drugs, then gets him to deal more drugs. And this ascension continues until Nancy gets the fancy estate home and fancy sports car and the big boat she always wanted. And just when she’s finally living the life she always imagined for herself, it all gets abruptly taken away when Danny is pinched and thrown in jail.

So she’s back at this lowly diner where she waitresses and she’s reading this article, I think it was in “Esquire” or “Vanity Fair,” about a young socialite who was kidnapped and buried alive and kept alive for three or four days. And a light goes off in her head. She says to herself, “This is how I can get my life back.” I won’t give away too much more, but it’s a truly bizarre and haunting story of greed and ambition.

James Marsh is going to direct it and Carey Mulligan is going to star. James is one of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with. And one of the kindest and most collaborative. So it’s been a truly great experience. I’m really excited about that one. === Source: BlackList