Sunday, March 31, 2013

**NEW PICS** Robert Pattinson Paddle-Boards In Tranquil Waters Of Malibu

There's nothing like the open sea to clear your head, and Robert Pattinson certainly seemed to be doing that as he enjoyed a few hours of paddle-boarding off the Malibu coastline (March 27). The actor threw on a wetsuit, grabbed his board, paddle and hit the surf in the warm California sun. ==== Considered one of the most attractive men in the world, this attention is nothing new to Robert, so the tranquility of the quiet ocean must come as a relief. And the avid paddle-boarder seems to have improved since picking up the water-sport just under a year ago. Looking more confident on the board then he did back in April, Robert cut a slick figure in his all-in-one wetsuit. ==== Dressed more snugly than his excursion last Easter, clearly the hot temperatures of Malibu are still suffering under the continuing winter spell as his home town. Or maybe he’s still adjusting to the weather difference between LA and the heat of Australia after filming futuristic Western The Rover, co-starring Guy Pearce, Scoot McNairy and Nash Edgerton. Either way the boy from Barnes seemed to enjoy the moment of solitude, adrift on the Pacific Ocean. === There is also a vid of Rob walking with his paddle board and in the water trying to catch some waves. If you thought the pap was on the beach taking the pics you're wrong. You can here the clicks and see how far away he is from Rob. Paps have very high powered zoom in lens now that can catch a celeb from miles away. Check out the vid HERE Source === MORE PICS ADDED!