Tuesday, October 30, 2012

**NEW CLIP*** Breaking Dawn Part 2 "Welcome Home, Newlyweds!"

This scene takes place toward the beginning of the film after Bella (Kristen Stewart) has started to feel more comfortable in her now-cold skin. (Just ask that mountain lion.) Alice (Ashley Greene) leads Bella and Edward (Robert Pattinson) through the woods to the most picturesque cottage and welcomes them home. “We thought you guys might like a place of your own,” Alice says with a coy smile.***** Why ever would these newlyweds need their own place? We get a pretty good idea when, after Bella and Edward tour through one charmingly decorated room after the next (inciting some serious vampire real estate envy), they stop in front of a bed. But vampires don’t sleep! “It’s not intended for sleep,” Edward says, kissing Bella’s neck. And hooo-boy, we then fade to black. ===== Source: EW