Monday, October 22, 2012

**NEW** Robert Pattinson(Edward) Hasn't Ruled Out Twilight Spin Off

''I don't say 'definitely not' to anything - just in case,'' said the 26-year-old Brit ahead of a special fan-based event at Moore Park. As anticipation builds for the final film in Stephenie Meyer's best-selling franchise - which opens in Australia on November 15 - Pattinson fuelled speculation that his vampire clan's domination of the international box office was not yet over. ''Who knows?'' Pattinson said. ''I keep hearing things - from the studio as well.'' About 100 lucky Twihards have scored tickets to tonight's invite-only event at Byron Kennedy Hall, run as a competition by commercial radio network Nova. But hundreds more fans were expected to line the red carpet to catch a glimpse of the Twilight star. === Source: heraldsun