Friday, November 30, 2012

**New Pics&Info** Robert Pattinson At Arbitrage(Film Luncheon) w/Richard Gere

The luncheon was held Friday Nov 30th at Osteria Mozza in LA. *** Via Robert Pattinson News

Soure: Popsugar - Robert Pattinson stepped out to celebrate Richard Gere's Arbitrage at a luncheon held at LA's Osteria Mozza today. The duo posed for photos together as Richard mingled with guests, including director Nicholas Jarecki, at the restaurant. He didn't have costar Susan Sarandon on hand, but Homeland's Morena Baccarin made an appearance. It was Rob's latest outing following a stop at Chateau Marmont for drinks with a friend on Tuesday.
Source: "For some reason Robert Pattinson showed up toward the end of the luncheon. I'm taller than he is. He has a kind face and a warm smile, but his eyes kinda blank out when he listens to someone talking. When he's trying to concentrate or show respect to whomever is speaking, I mean, his features go flat. That's L.A. Times reporter John Horn to RPatz's right (or our left) and Arbitrage director Nicholas Jarecki (right)."
*** From Rob's IMDB page*** Source: CurzonStreet "The other guy is the film's director, Nicholas Jarecki. I'm a member of the American Cinematheque, those gala's they throw can be a lot of fun and get very wild. It's kind of like a roast for the person they're honoring. They roasted Ben Stiller a couple of weeks ago. Arbitrage was an indie, maybe the producers are involved in one of Rob's upcoming projects, or want to be." **** Source: HazNutz "That's cool to see. I remember reading before that Jarecki was seen talking to Rob at the Cosmopolis premiere after party. I wonder if Rob is trying to get something made with these producers. Maybe one of his screenplay?" **** Source: loraj-2 "The director was also apparently at that Halloween party too and Rob's friend Kevin Turen is also a producer of this film. I wonder if he has been working on anything with them? I love seeing Rob with Richard Gere."