Wednesday, November 21, 2012

**NEW** Robert Pattinson Talks w/20 Min(Berlin) 10 Films Committed To+More

***Google translate*** How do you like the "Twilight" showdown? Robert Pattinson : When I read the screenplay, I was quite shocked. The end to all the fighting is more "Twilight" atypical. It will be interesting.**** Have you been previously interested in vampires? I'm not really a vampire fan, but of course I have nothing against them. Before the first film, I researched a lot, but quickly noticed how few similarities between "Twilight" and other vampires exist. Stephenie Meyer has developed in the novel, their own personal ideas.**** As "Twilight" has impacted your life? Before the movies I have not wanted to be an actor, but suddenly I was famous and was recognized everywhere. After this success, I could take almost no other profession more, otherwise people would have asked me what am I doing there for a job. "Twilight" has opened many doors for me and meant that I look at my own life differently now.**** The fans are looking forward to the culmination of the vampire saga, but also sad that it is ending. How are you here? That gets similar. But now I'm curious to see how my life without "Twilight" will continue. So far I'm on any other film project returned to "Twilight". I'm curious what my future brings.**** It sounds mysterious. Can you tell us where you will see next? I am committed next year for about ten films. Among them are "The Rover" with Guy Pearce. Then goes further with "Hold On To Me," in which Carey Mulligan plays a femme fatale. Also, I'm going in "Queen of the Dessert" be seen on the side of Naomi Watts and Law Jew and then I play in "Maps of the Stars", a further strip of director David Cronenberg. === Source