Monday, November 26, 2012

Robert Pattinson Interview w/TV Entertainment Mag TV Taro(Jan.2013)

Here Are Some of the Rob's Comment from the "TV Taro" Jan Issue; on stand Nov 24, Interview - *** We had Some English translations from . the English article; Our over Seas exclusive to the Fans *** - Robert Pattinson: Special Interview - "I did not Like to See myself as a part of the Movie, Before" - Interviewer / Writer Yuki Saruwatari (C) Nathaniel Goldberg / Archive trunk / Amanaimages - ..**** "It is Almost That way no You know everybody on the set on the first day of Shooting Usually it feels Like the first day of the School in this Saga But, every time we Could See the whole CAST, . Which is so Special and Almost Like a Miracle " **** ". The first Movie we Shoot, I had the whole clothes to Get to You first and the Pays Productions Afterwards We Shoot at Vancouver, so I Them Choose from one of the Small Clothing line in Vancouver. I got them all back after the shoot, and I wore them for another 2 years or so. In first Twilight, we had such a freedom. Now we are offered clothing from the top brands, both sides of the vampires wear .. G-Stars and Belstuff And Easy to notice the tag is "*** ".. At the End of the Movie, Bella was at the Hospital The conversation Between Bella and Edward was impromptu On Other Movies from the Saga, Were we not allow to say other than the line. That is why the scene is on my mind. And with totally different thought, I liked the delivering scene from the BDP 1. It is supposed to be a very serious scene, but when it comes to the shoot . I looked at Delivery Like I was very Emotional scene, but in fact I was trying really hard not to laugh! "*** ". During the first Premier of the Twilight, I had to go out to my car to Calm myself I didn ' t realize that someone was video-taping me, it was that tough to see myself on the screen. (Cont.) " ==== Source and via