Monday, November 19, 2012

Robert Pattinson Talks w/CNN(Mexico) Fatherhood,Common w/Edward&Dior

How do you feel about the end of the saga? Happy, sad, relieved? Rob: Definitely proud. We still have to look at what it’s become, because we’re still immersed in it. Perhaps in 10 years when I watch the DVDs…it’s crazy… I still don’t understand why people watch the movies, there’s no separation.*** Have you watched it with the fans? Rob: Not this one. *** But you did last night, and there are some very passionate fans. Rob: Yeah *** Will you miss Edward? Rob: Definitely. He’s very familiar to me. It’s strange to think I won’t portray him any more.*** In Breaking Dawn you portray a young father, well he’s not really young, he’s 107 years old. Do you see yourself as a young father? Rob: He’s responsible enough. I don’t know. I don’t think so. A lot of my friends are having children and I’m starting to notice I’m not that young but, yeah, I don’t think men have any idea how to be parents. It just happens.*** What do you have in common with Edward and did he teach you anything? Rob: I think I’m patient. I think (laughs) That’s how I would summarize it. And what did he teach me? I don’t know, not to be so introspective. I think in this film he comes out of his shell more. He stops thinking inwardly so much and tries to project himself outward. I think that’s important. *** Are we going to see something with a fragrance? We’ve heard comments about Dior. You’re a stylish guy so why not? Everyone does it? Rob: I don’t know. I think there’d be some sort of announcement if it happens. === Or watch at the Source