Thursday, October 11, 2012

**UNTAGGED/EDITED PICS** Robert Pattinson NEW July 12 Photoshoot

I ADORE THE FANDOM!!!*Hugs tightly* We don't have to wait forever and a day to get things untagged and made a lil hotter. ENJOY!!! Click, lick, and save.Hahaa

Sexy mofo!!! === thanks to @CandyKizzes24
Black and white edit @FiestyAngel34
Source: @Laury4Rob
UNF!!Source: Krisyrob
Source: ohrobsten
Sexy Rob porn!!! Enjoy!! Source: isla-fisher
Source: @MyRobaddiction
THIS!!! Gorgeous and brilliant Rob edit done by @CandyKizzies24
Source: rbertpattinsn
Source: Hawthornie
Source: FB
Rob upclose!!! Thank you God for your heavenly gift of a man. Amen! Source: FB
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