Sunday, November 4, 2012

**NEW** Preview Interview w/Robert Pattinson For 'Premiere' Mag(France) 11/7

Just so you know there's 2 covers and you may not get Rob. Google transltion: Some subscribers will receive the mag tomorrow, so scans the file # Twilight may soon appear on the net ... Thank you for your attention ;) The result of 5 years of record # Twilight in the mag, out Wednesday. And a surprise on the site tomorrow. # Pattinson "Sometimes I feel like my career past the edge of a bridge ready to jump, until you catch me by the arm" # Pattinson "Twilight has continued to be attacked (...) But nobody was taken so violently to Backstreet Boys at the time!" # Pattinson "In my head, I was signing for a movie, I was convinced that the suites do not revolve" The following ds @ PremiereFR === Source